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It’s no secret that we love motorcycles over here in Anderson. However, we also know that riding them can be dangerous if you don’t follow all the necessary safety precautions. Not to mention, sometimes motorcycle accidents just happen and you don’t have any control over the outcome. It is very likely that you’re a safe rider. But, no matter how safe you are, sometimes the unexpected is right around the corner. Motorcycles are smaller, more compact, and less protected. For these reasons and many others, sometimes motorcyclists just aren’t spotted until it’s too late.  Unfortunately, when this happens, many times the motorcyclist will be found at fault and ticketed after the event. But, why is that? 

Biker Bias 

You’ve likely heard other drivers say a negative word or two about those that choose to ride a motorcycle. Motorcyclists are seen as reckless, unpredictable, and sneaky when it comes to navigating traffic. However most bikers are quite the opposite. Of course, there is always an exception or a bad apple which can hurt the image of the larger group. Even if we see a motorcyclist wearing full gear, a helmet, and driving safely— people are still scared of them, or have a negative thought about them. This can be particularly harmful when going to court after motorcycle accidents. Most likely, the jury will be made up of mostly passenger car drivers. For this reason, it can be difficult for the jury got relate to the motorcyclist and to take their side, no matter the evidence in front of them. 

When you call and ask for our help…

We will begin to find ways to fight your ticket first. Then, we will move on to the at-fault driver and making sure the blame falls onto the right party (and therefore, insurance provider). Motorcycle accidents are almost always serious for the rider. Therefore, you likely have some healing to do both mentally and physically. Don’t let financial burdens influence your ability to heal. Instead, call our attorneys over at Robert J. Reeves P.C. in Anderson. No matter the time of day or night, you can reach Mr. Reeves directly at 864.760.8252, or via email at .

motorcycle accidents

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serious automobile accidents
serious automobile accidents