Avoiding Injury

Computer Mouse: Office Ergonomics

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to take up a new method of working. This may mean that you're figuring out how to set up a comfortable and ergonomic workspace within your home. One difficult are is, surprisingly, a computer mouse. It might seem minor, but it’s important to use understand what proper

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Server Injuries: Environmental Risks

Workplace injuries can occur in practically any work environment, and restaurants are no exception. Server injuries tend to happen in many different ways, and can cause permanent issues if not taken care of. Therefore, it’s important to know what to watch for when working in these environments… Server Injuries: Most Frequent Kinds Cuts Cuts are

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Excessive Sitting: Posture and Impact

Having to stand for long periods of time at work can take a toll on your body. However, excessive sitting isn't all that much better. Therefore, it's important to know what kind of seated position you should be in... Excessive Sitting: Good Body Position Issues with sitting Excessive sitting can lead to a couple different

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Forklift Accidents: Common Workplace Accidents

Many workplaces make use of things like forklifts to easily move thing around. However, forklift accidents can be pretty dangerous if proper steps aren't taken. Therefore, it's important to know why these accidents occur, and how to best avoid them... Forklift Accidents: Common Causes Improper training One common cause of forklift accidents is improper training.

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Workplace Burns: Avoiding Workplace Accident

Different types of injuries tend to require different forms of treatment. Treating workplace burns in particular tends to be one area where many workers are unaware of what they should do. Knowing the proper treatment process can help ensure these burns can heal properly... Workplace Burns: Proper Treatment Different burn types In order to properly

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Speeding Dangers: Avoiding Accident

Driving too slowly can be pretty dangerous, just like with driving too fast. Still, not everyone knows what kind of speeding dangers there are. Being more informed about these risks can help you see why you should take care to watch your speed... Speeding Dangers: Why It's Risky Lack of control One prominent speeding dangers

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