Different types of work can come with different types of risks. Some of the most dangerous places to work in are dusty workplaces. However, there’s many ways to protect yourself while you work in these spaces…

Dusty Workplaces: Protect Your Lungs

Dangers of dust

Dusty workplaces are risky because of the kind of dust they have in them. Of course, this dust just isn’t your standard dust that gathers around the house. Instead, this dust tends to be from materials like asbestos, wood shavings, or some kind of chemical compound.

Dust like this is very harmful when it gets breathed in. For starters, it can cause irritation in the nose, throat, and lungs. It can also clog up these airways, making it harder to breathe. Plus, this dust could potentially sit in the lungs for a long time, potentially causing health issues like lung disease or cancer.

Protective gear

Protective equipment is key for staying safe in dusty workplaces. Of course, the most apparent piece of gear to have are breathing masks. These masks will ensure you can safely breathe while also filtering out any harmful particles. Different types of mask might work in different ways, so be sure to double-check the kind you’re using.

Don’t forget about other equipment like goggles and gloves as well. Dust can also cause issues if it enters the eyes, and some types might cause skin irritation too. It’s a good idea to wear clothes which will completely cover your body, to get the most protection possible. Just be sure to bring a pair to change into after!

Keep it clean

The thing about dust is that it can steadily build up over time. Now, most dusty workplaces have a lot of dust made all at once due to the work at hand. However, some might only have a bit of dust, which accumulates between work. Either way, you want to be sure to clean up after you’re finished.

Cleaning up dust, even these kinds, is thankfully still straightforward enough. You’ll just need things like brooms, vacuums, or dusters as needed. However, don’t forget to make sure you’re clean too. You don’t want to accidentally track some of that dust back into your home.