As fall begins to start, many people get excited over the arrival of colder weather and leaves changing colors. However, it also means you have to get ready for fall driving. Driving in the fall can bring about a lot of unpredictable changes. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared…

Fall Driving: Staying Safe

Watch the weather

Fall weather can be pretty unpredictable. Depending on where you live, you can have thunderstorms, fog, and even snow all in the same week. Of course, driving in that kind of weather isn’t always easy. As a result, an important part of fall driving is making sure to prepare for those less-than-ideal days.

When the weather gets bad, it helps to take things a bit more slowly. That way, you can be in better control of your car and react safely to the situations at hand. Remember to watch your lights too. A lot of people forget that while low beams are fine in fog and rain, high beams cause glare for you and other drivers.

Sun glare

Sun glare is another potential danger of fall driving. Getting sun glare from the front makes it very hard to see what’s ahead of you on the road. Plus, the “blinding” effect can last even after you get out of the sun. Even if the sun is behind you, the glare can end up blocking your rear-view mirror.

However, there’s a couple things you can do to minimize glare. For starters, make sure your windshield is clean, both inside and outside. It also helps to avoid any products which can cause a lot of glare, like wax or certain cleaning supplies. Investing in some sunglasses can also help you cut through glare.

School-related traffic

The fall also means that the school year is back in full swing. That means more traffic in the mornings and afternoons as school begins and ends. Plus, that means you can expect to see school buses more often, as well as students walking to school if they live close enough.

Therefore, you have to keep their safety in mind as part of your fall driving. Make sure you’re aware of when you’re in a school zone and slow down accordingly. Also, be sure to watch your driving around school buses, and try to treat them in a similar manner to other special vehicles on the road.