Painkillers can be useful for reducing pain you experience after injury. However, as you might know, there’s been a lot of concern about opioid dangers and risks. Knowing these dangers can help you see what misuse of these pills could lead to….

Opioid Dangers: Potential Health Risks

How opioids work

To best understand opioid dangers, you might want to better understand how these medications work. These pills work differently than your over-the-counter pain relievers. Over-the-counter choices interfere with pain signals sent by your nerves. By doing so, your brain thinks you’re in less pain, and you feel some relief.

Stronger, prescription choices work by binding to opioid receptors in the body. As they do this, they block off pain signals sent from the brain. At the same time, they also release large amounts of dopamine. Therefore, not only you feel less pain, you also feel much better overall.

Addictions risk

Seeing how these pills works shows just why addiction is one of the largest opioid dangers. The issue with these pills is just how good they can make a person feel. Having that dopamine rush can make taking more and more of the drug appealing, in order to keep that high going on for longer. In turn, this leads to addiction.

However, even taking the medication properly can lead to dangers. As you continue to take these pills, the receptors in the body can get “burnt out” from constant use. This is what’s know as developing a tolerance. Due to this tolerance, you might need to take more pills to get the same effect, which is risky.

Other health effects

Opioid dangers aren’t just limited to addiction development. They can also negatively effect other parts of the body as well. For instance, the brain tends to be one of the first major areas impacted by long-term use. Things such as confusion, drowsiness, and slower breathing can be symptoms related to opioids.

Another area that can also be at-risk is the digestive system. Issue with nausea and vomiting are common with those who abuse opioids. Plus, you might have issues with digestion, even the the point where you can’t keep food or water down.