Most adults have, or will have, experience with a traffic stop sometime in their lives. Maybe you were going a bit too fast, forgot to make a full stop at a stop sign, or just got impatient and blew through a red light. No matter the reason, you know for a fact that a traffic stop is a headache, and hurts your pockets. Therefore, finding ways to avoid that stop, is a goal for most people who drive. A main reason for traffic stops, especially speeding, is road rage. Most drivers will experience road rage from time to time. But, it’s finding ways to control it, that makes a big difference to your future encounters with police.

Road Rage Management: Avoiding Unnecessary Tickets 

Maybe you’re in a hurry and someone is going below the speed limit; someone cut you off; someone didn’t signal before their turn… Whatever the reason, it can make your blood boil when people don’t follow the rules of the road. Or, maybe your mind is stuck on something else. No matter the reason, road rage is a problem that everyone faces. But, it’s finding ways to beat it that’s especially important.

Knowing when not to drive

First things first, you need to realize when you’re feeling angry, or more impatient than usual. If something is on your mind, and it’s taking up most of your mental space— understand that you’re being a distracted driver. We all know that distracted driving is dangerous. While you don’t have a cell phone in hand, and you aren’t looking away from the road— your brain is elsewhere. Being preoccupied is just as dangerous as looking away from the road.

Understand that people make mistakes

It’s extremely aggravating when someone rides for miles with a turn signal on, or when you have somewhere to be and the person in front of you is going ten under. There’s no denying that these things can take a toll on you, and make you very angry. However, no amount of ill feelings will make the person change their actions. instead, it makes you a worse driver.

Find ways to enhance your calm

There are plenty of annoying, and infuriating, things that can happen while you’re driving. However, it’s how we handle them that affects our mental state, and our driving abilities. Consider more calming music, pulling over when you need a moment, and also— know when you need to take a moment and check your attitude. We all have things that bother us, and bad drivers are on everyone’s list. However, your road rage is more dangerous to you than anyone else. Furthermore, it might result in a ticket. So, increase your zen, shake it off, and pull over if needed. The place you need to be will still be at the end of your drive, even if it takes ten more minutes to get there.