Slow driving seems like a much preferable alternative to speeding drivers. After all, there’s some situations where it’s much more safer to be going slow instead of fast. However, driving too slowly can end up being just as dangerous. There’s a few reasons in particular as to why this kind of driving should be avoided…

Slow Driving: Dangers of Not Minding the Speed Limit

The dangers

Slow driving can be dangerous for a couple of reasons. For starters, it disrupts the natural flow of traffic. Slow drivers can cause pretty severe backups in their lanes, which increases the chance of someone getting into an accident. This is especially true if they linger in the left lanes, which can cause driver to have to pass on the right, which is more dangerous.

Plus, it has dangers in more residential areas as well. If a driver turns a corner and immediately encounters a slow driver, they’ll have to slam on the brakes to avoid them. This can cause a chain reaction behind them, which can also lead to accidents or very angry other drivers.

Types of slow drivers

While slow driving is something anyone can do, certain types of drivers do it more often than others. For example, newly licensed drivers might be apprehensive to go fast, and drive a bit too slowly as a result. The same goes for drivers who are lost. Their unfamiliarity with the area will make them more cautious.

Older drivers often tend to drive slowly as well. This usually is due to the effects of age, as it becomes harder to apply more pressure to the gas and be aware of the speed limits. Distracted drivers are some of the more dangerous slow drivers. Usually, these drivers are more focused on things like their phones than the road, causing the slow down.

What to do

If you find yourself stuck behind someone practicing slow driving, there’s a few things you can try to do. First, be patient and see if the driver notices you and lets you pass. If that doesn’t work, then try to get their attention by flashing your lights at them. As a last resort, you can use your horn, but try to save this for when you have no choice or the situation is getting risky.