While the weather might be getting colder, many workers will still have to work outside in some shape or form. Much like with working in the summer, winter working requires some special precautions to be taken in order to stay safe. That way, you can get your work done and avoid a potential cold-related injury…

Winter Working: Braving The Cold

Wear the right clothes

Clothes are an essential part of winter working. Wearing a few layers of insulated clothing can keep you warm even as the temperature drops. It helps to wear somewhat loose clothes instead of super-tight ones. Tight clothes tend to restrict blood flow, especially to the extremities.

These extremities, as well as the head and ears, need that extra protection. Often times, the cold will affect these areas of the body first. Be sure to wear things like waterproof padded gloves and boots. Things like winter hats or masks are also good for your face and ears.

Take breaks to re-energize

It’s also important to not push yourself too hard when doing winter working. The more you work, the more energy you’ll burn off, which will impact your body’s ability to keep you warm. As a result, it’s good to take frequent and short breaks in warm, dry areas so your body can warm back up.

During these breaks, it also is a good idea to eat or drink something warm. These will further help your body warm itself back up. Plus, they’ll also get some much-needed calories into your system, helping your body keep its energy levels up.

Be aware of hypothermia

The most pressing danger that comes with winter working is hypothermia. However, not many people know what exactly hypothermia looks like. That’s why it’s very important to know what sort of symptoms you should associate with this cold-related illness.

Early stages of hypothermia include shivering, fatigue, and issues with concentration and coordination. More advanced stage symptoms include bluing of the skin, a slow heart and breathing rate, and potentially passing out. If you feel any of these symptoms, it’s important to get out of the cold and receive some medical help ASAP.