As more and more employees begin going back to the office, it’s important to avoid common workplace accidents. These can happen anywhere, but in the workplace, it can be especially tedious. Injuries usually involve lots of paperwork and can even turn into legal battles. It’s really best to avoid them altogether. Be careful in parking lots, as car accidents are common in the workplace. In addition, lifting injuries can happen if you pick up heavy objects incorrectly. If you work in an office with heavy machinery, you must be very careful about who goes near. And finally, long-term injuries like carpal tunnel are also something to look out for. Workplace injuries can happen in a split second, so it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings to avoid injury.

Workplace Accidents to Watch Out For: Returning to the Office Safely

Parking Lot Accidents

Many workplace accidents start in the parking lot. People are often distracted when walking or when driving in parking lots. They may be on the phone, carrying lots of things, drinking coffee, or otherwise distracted. Be mindful if you are a pedestrian in a parking lot. Look for reverse lights before walking behind cars. If you are driving in a lot, always drive slowly while avoiding distractions. Take corners very slowly and remember that the pedestrians have the right of way.

Lifting Accidents

Lifting injuries are common workplace accidents. These can happen in your back, neck, or other parts of your spine. They often occur because somebody lifts a heavy object or sets down a heavy object incorrectly. If you don’t properly support your back when lifting things, you can easily cause damage. Before lifting something heavy, spread your feet about shoulder-width apart. Squat down and grab the object, and use your legs to stand up. Never bend forward to grab or set down a heavy object with your back. All of the weight should be in your legs to avoid injury.

Accidents from Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery increases the risk for workplace accidents. It also increases the risk for very serious injuries. If your workplace uses heavy equipment, it’s important to take extra precautions. Only people who are well trained should be allowed to operate the equipment. And it should only be used when there are no bystanders around who could get hurt. Everybody in the office should get instructions on how to be careful to avoid injury from the machinery.

Long-Term Injuries

Some of the most common workplace accidents are long-term injuries. These can be anything from vision problems and headaches to carpal tunnel. If your office has harsh lighting, consider switching to something softer. Or allowing more natural light. Softer lighting can help if employees are getting headaches. In addition, you might frequently have arthritis or carpal tunnel from typing. Try to change the position of your keyboard with a gel pad. You can also encourage employees to take short breaks throughout the day. Aim to get in small amounts of exercise during these breaks. And finally, invest in ergonomic chairs to sit in. Workplace accidents are common and frequent. But they can be avoided with simple solutions. To prevent parking lot accidents, make sure that you are always staying alert. Look all around you when parking or walking. When lifting heavy objects, always use the correct posture. If your office has heavy machinery, make sure that everybody gets training on how to avoid injury. And finally, make sure that you avoid long-term injuries. Invest in aids to help alleviate things like carpal tunnel, headaches, and vision problems. Hopefully, you can share all of this with other employees and help create a safer workplace for everyone.