Semi Truck Accidents


Tractor trailers, semi-trucks, and their loads have the potential to put other drivers at great risk of serious injury under the right (or wrong) conditions. When a truck or the driver faces an unexpected issue, truck accidents have the potential to happen. Furthermore, in these instances, it is typically the other drivers and vehicles who sustain the most damage. When something goes wrong on the roadway and leads to truck accidents, you lives can be changed forever.

Many personal injury lawyers may treat semi truck accidents as larger car accident cases. However, they are much more complicated than that. The parties involved are typically different in some ways. From the potential of multiple victims, to truck drivers on the job, and the potential of deceased victims… Truck accident cases require a higher level of understanding and effort than your typical car accident case. We start by establishing who is to be held accountable for the accident. For example, depending on the circumstances, you might find that a number of different people/companies are responsible. Take for example, the trucking company which overbooks fatigued drivers, the driver alone, the company who loads the truck, or even the company responsible for truck maintenance. 

As you can already tell, there are many different issues that arise from truck accidents which you might not see when it comes to a regular passenger vehicle…

Each, or none of, the people or companies that we have listed may have played a role in what occurred on the roadway which led to your serious injury or loss. Therefore, having a qualified and prepared team ready to investigate and fight for your desired result can make a big difference. You focus on healing and we will focus on the rest. Otherwise, you might miss out on the compensation you need to pay for medical bills, recovery, time spent off of work, and etc. 

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serious automobile accidents
serious automobile accidents