Falling objects can be pretty dangerous, which is something not too many people realize. For example, something falling from a height of 64 feet will hit the ground with a force of nearly 45 pounds, in just 2 seconds! That’s why it’s important to make sure you keep anything you’re working with completely secure…



Tools tend to be some of the most common falling objects. The reasoning is simple enough. As someone is working, a tool might slip out of their hands. Or, it could fall out of their hands when they’re trying to grab a new one. Either way, a falling tool can easily fall onto someone’s head and cause damage even if they wear a hardhat.

Due to this, it’s important to make sure tools are secure when working up high. A good way to do this is through lanyards. These special, usually nylon cords will loop through the tool while being secure to your body. That way, even if a tool falls, the cord will allow you to safely pull it back up.


Falling objects aren’t limited to things that you’re working with. They can also apply to things you might have in your pockets. You might not give it a second thought to keep your phone or wallet in your pockets. But, these could potentially slip out while you work and become a hazard. Not to mention it’ll create a bad time for you as well!

Therefore, it’s handy to empty out your pockets before you work. If you have a locker, this is a great place to store them in the meantime. Or, you can ask your supervisor to hold on to them for you just in case. Either way, your equipment will stay safe and not become a risk to others.


Another common cause of falling objects is insecure storage, especially at warehouses. All it takes is for someone to bump into a storage rack, and something might come falling down on them. Many times, this starts a chain reaction, putting them and possibly many others at risk. As a result, you’ll want to ensure anything you put up is done so properly.