Staying Safe this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July can be a great day to relax and enjoy the summer weather. However, there are some potential dangers to be aware of. Make sure that you and your family are weather-aware over this holiday to avoid any heat-related accidents like sun poisoning or heatstroke. In addition, if you are going boating

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Summer Boat Safety Tips

As the weather heats up and a day on the lake sounds better and better, it’s important to remember these boat safety tips this summer. It’s always important to remember that as much fun as playing in pools, boating on lakes, or swimming in the ocean can be, water can be dangerous. Each summer there

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Server Injuries: Environmental Risks

Workplace injuries can occur in practically any work environment, and restaurants are no exception. Server injuries tend to happen in many different ways, and can cause permanent issues if not taken care of. Therefore, it’s important to know what to watch for when working in these environments… Server Injuries: Most Frequent Kinds Cuts Cuts are

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Unexpected Easter Accidents to Avoid

While we don’t think of Easter as a particularly dangerous holiday, there still are some all-too-common Easter accidents to avoid. Luckily, this holiday isn’t as booze-filled as others like New Years' or the Fourth of July, but it can still result in some mishaps. For example, many Easter baskets contain a variety of candy and

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Needlestick Injury: Things to Know

Anyone who works in the medical field runs the risk of a needlestick injury. This wound is when a needle accidentally punctures the skin. This type of injury falls into a larger category of sharps injuries. Other forms of sharps are scalpels, scissors, glass and any other item that can cut the skin. This can be

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PPE for Firefighters: Staying Safe

Firefighters put their lives on the line everyday in order to save our lives, homes, and property. Their job is one of the most risky jobs there is. From going into burning buildings, breathing in smoke, and risking explosions and buildings falling, being a firefighter is dangerous. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, are items that

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Driving Safely with Children in the Car

Driving safely with children in the car can be very difficult because kids thrive on getting their parents' attention. This usually involves being loud, acting out, and tantrums. All of which can be hugely distracting for parents trying to concentrate on the road. Start safe riding early on by talking to your children about etiquette

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