Avoiding Injury

Ergonomics in Dentistry: Work Without Pain

Due to the high rate of injury and discomfort, it is important for dental professionals to be familiar with ergonomics in dentistry. Dentists, hygienists and assistants must sit in awkward positions for long periods of time. They must also hold small instruments and perform precise arm and hand movements. There are many things dental professionals

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Tire Pressure: Check It Properly

The summertime brings both hotter weather and new potential driving risks. In particular, you need to make sure that you check your tire pressure properly. Many tire-related accidents are due to a driver’s tire air pressure not being at the proper levels. Knowing how to check yours the right way can help you avoid these

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Summer Driving: What To Prepare For

Most drivers know about the dangers of driving in the winter. However, not too many know about the risks that come with summer driving. For instance, August tends to have the highest amount of fatal accidents each year. Knowing what these risks are can help you better prepare and stay safe… Summer Driving: Possible Risks

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Needlestick Injury: Things to Know

Anyone who works in the medical field runs the risk of a needlestick injury. This wound is when a needle accidentally punctures the skin. This type of injury falls into a larger category of sharps injuries. Other forms of sharps are scalpels, scissors, glass and any other item that can cut the skin. This can be

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Oversized Loads: What To Consider

Making standard deliveries with a tractor trailer can already be tough enough. However, oversized loads come with their own set of unique challenges. There’s a few specific things you’ll want to keep in mind whenever you’re moving these larger hauls… Oversized Loads: Important Considerations Legal limits Legal limits are something you definitely want to keep

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Computer Mouse: Office Ergonomics

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have had to take up a new method of working. This may mean that you're figuring out how to set up a comfortable and ergonomic workspace within your home. One difficult are is, surprisingly, a computer mouse. It might seem minor, but it’s important to use understand what proper

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