Driving Safely with Children in the Car

Driving safely with children in the car can be very difficult because kids thrive on getting their parents' attention. This usually involves being loud, acting out, and tantrums. All of which can be hugely distracting for parents trying to concentrate on the road. Start safe riding early on by talking to your children about etiquette

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Most Common Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents are very dangerous due to the size and weight of these massive vehicles. In addition, they tend to travel on highways and other larger roads so they are often traveling at high rates of speed. There are many ways that these can get into accidents, but many of them happen because of driver

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Anger Management While Driving

Anger management while driving is incredibly important if you sometimes suffer from road rage. In a world where everybody wants to get places as fast as possible, road rage is increasing. In addition, road rage incidents can lead to accidents, attacks, and even death. So it’s important to get a handle on your anger if

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Staying Safe If You Encounter Road Rage

If you encounter road rage on the roadway, it can be quite scary and even dangerous. Some people can be very calm in in-person situations, but when they get behind the wheel, their tempers flare. There are even cases where drivers commit crimes because of their road rage. If you encounter another driver who seems

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Avoiding Parking Lot Accidents at Work

With many people going back to work in person these days, remember to avoid parking lot accidents. While everybody is typically moving slowly in a parking lot, an accident can still cause a lot of damage. Avoid these accidents by knowing the most common ways they happen. Reversing accidents can happen when a car backs

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Preparing for a Road Trip with Kids

Preparing for a road trip with kids can be overwhelming. But if you take it one step at a time hopefully you'll manage to have a fun and safe trip. The first step is making sure that your car is ready to go by performing some routine maintenance checks on it. Next, you'll want to

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Skidding on Ice: How to Avoid It

Skidding on ice can be incredibly dangerous, and is always a possibility if you are driving in icy conditions. It’s best to avoid driving on roads when there might be patches of ice. However, if it’s completely unavoidable, make sure that your car has the proper equipment for cold weather. A skid happens because of

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Convincing an Elderly Driver to Stop Driving

Convincing an elderly driver to stop driving might be one of the more difficult conversations you have to have with an aging parent. Losing the ability to drive can feel scary and embarrassing to many people. It’s a confirmation that they are truly aging and beginning to lose some of their independence. However, it’s important

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Road Rage: How to Control Yourself

There are many things on the road that can be extremely frustrating, but road rage can be dangerous. It can even cause a fatal accident. If you find yourself getting angry behind the wheel, it’s important to recognize that and find ways to calm down. You don’t want to react in the heat of the

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