How-to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents: Cars and Carts

Parking lots can be a prime spot for auto accidents to happen. Even during this pandemic, parking lots are very busy. Many people are doing curbside take-out for restaurants or pick-up lanes for online order from stores. This increases the opportunity for busy, preoccupied drivers to cause an accident. Here are some key steps to

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How-to Navigate an Accident Involving a Pedestrian

According to the CDC, 5,977 pedestrians died in traffic crashes in the United States in 2017. That equates to about one death every 88 minutes. That same year, around 137,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency departments for nonfatal crash-related injuries. Pedestrians are 1.5 times more likely to die in a car crash than vehicle occupants

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How-to Safely Drive Long Distances

Whether you are a truck driver covering long stretches of road or an adventurer out on a cross country roadtrip, it is critical that you know how to safely drive long distances. The more distance you cover, the higher your risk is for an accident. Learn more about how to be safe when you have

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How-to Prepare Parking Lots for Winter Weather

When snow or ice is in the forecast, business owners need to prepare parking lots for winter weather. Sidewalks and parking lots can become hazards for customers, employees, or anyone parking or walking through them. They can be very slippery can cause accidents or injuries. How-to Prepare Parking Lots for Winter Weather: Accident Prevention Know

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How-to Practice Good Mechanic Safety

Working as a mechanic can be quite rewarding. However, it can also come with a lot of risks. Therefore, it’s important to know what good mechanic safety looks like. That way, you can keep safe while doing your job… How-to Practice Good Mechanic Safety: Useful Steps Personal protection A lot of good mechanic safety comes

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How-to Fix a Stuck Parking Brake

While there's a lot of new car tech out there, the parking brake has remained pretty consistent and important. However, what if you try to disengage it and find that it won’t budge? A stuck parking brake can occur for a number of reasons. Therefore, it’s important to know what may be causing your issues…

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Garage Parking: Useful Benefits

Many people will use their home garage as some extra storage space rather than as a place to park their cars. However, garage parking comes with some important benefits. Being better aware these advantages can help show why it’s better than parking outside…  Garage Parking: Why It’s Useful Reduce weather exposure Garage parking is great

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Driving Posture: Sit Properly

Having good posture is important for when you do a lot of sitting. This is especially true if your job has you constantly driving. Your driving posture is key for avoiding injures. Therefore, it’s crucial you know what you should or shouldn’t do… Driving Posture: Avoid Injuries Adjust your seat Many issues relating to driving

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