If you’ve been in an accident on the road, it might be difficult to begin driving again without feeling stressed. Whether the accident was your fault or not, it can still be traumatizing. Finding your confidence on the road after an accident is important for safe driving. Driving timidly because you’re afraid can actually make you less safe when traveling. Writing down your experience might help you make sense of the accident. Starting out slow is also helpful, try to do short trips. You can also bring a friend along which should calm you down. And finally, talk to somebody about your experience and get professional help if you feel you need it. Before long, you’ll be back to driving confidently!

Confidence on the Road After an Accident: Get Your Groove Back

Write Down Your Experience

Regaining your confidence on the road after an accident can be especially difficult if you were not at fault. If an animal ran out in front of your car, or another driver did something unexpected it’s difficult to feel safe on the road. However, writing down your experience could be helpful. Write down a timeline of everything you remember happening. This can help you piece together memories that might be jumbled. Writing has been proven to be an effective therapy tool after trauma.

Start Off Slow

Another thing that might help your confidence on the road after an accident is to take things slowly at first. Plan short trips within your neighborhood and then expand from there. Don’t jump on the highway right away or start on a busy road. Work your way up to longer trips when you’re feeling safer. Also, it’s best not to avoid the scene of your accident or slow down when you pass it. Changing your route to avoid it will only make it seem like a bigger deal and increase your anxiety.

Bring a Friend

Bringing a friend with you might also help you regain your confidence on the road after an accident. Having somebody along that you trust will hopefully help calm your nerves. They can also talk with you and provide you with a (safe) distraction from your anxiety. And of course, if you begin to panic and feel you need to stop, they can take over driving for you.

Talk to Somebody

Finally, talking to somebody about your experience can help you find your confidence on the road after an accident. A trusted friend or family member can listen as you process the accident. They may help you make sense of your memories, which can be jumbled together after trauma. If you feel like you need to speak with a professional, find a therapist in your area and speak with them. There are also virtual appointments available for counseling. Hopefully, discussing your memories can help the sense of what happened and help you get your driving groove back.

Regaining your confidence on the road after an accident is easiest if you start things out slowly. Try short trips and bring a friend along with you so that the drive feels less stressful. Your memories of your accident might also be confusing and jumbled, so writing your experience down or discussing it with somebody might be helpful. And finally, a trained therapist might help you if you feel that you need some extra help. Hopefully, using these tips you’ll be back on the road in no time and enjoying the drive.