Car Accidents

How-to Avoid Pothole Damage to Your Vehicle

Potholes may seem like they come out of no where, but they can sure do a lot of damage to your car. These hazards often form due to freezing and thawing cycles from a harsh winter. Water can build up under the road, and then either freeze or wash out the ground underneath. This causes

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How-to Safely Drive Long Distances

With many people choosing to stay off of planes and cruise ships this year, road trips have become popular travel option. While some road trips are not very far at all, others may entail long stretches of driving. Your risk for an automobile accident increases the longer you are on the road. From driver distractions

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How-to Drive Safely in Winter Weather

Winter can bring unpredictable weather than can be challenging to drive in. Snow, ice, wind and cold weather can all impact driving conditions. Depending on the weather, you may need to change the way you are driving in order to drive as safe as possible. To reduce the risk of having an accident as the

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How-to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents: Cars and Carts

Parking lots can be a prime spot for auto accidents to happen. Even during this pandemic, parking lots are very busy. Many people are doing curbside take-out for restaurants or pick-up lanes for online order from stores. This increases the opportunity for busy, preoccupied drivers to cause an accident. Here are some key steps to

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How-to Do Car Maintenance: Preventing Accidents

It is important to make sure your car is in good, working condition before it gets out on the road. If you do not take care of your car properly can lead to major issues with your vehicle. There are certain types of car maintenance procedures that can be critical in preventing avoidable car accidents.

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How-to Practice Good Mechanic Safety

Working as a mechanic can be quite rewarding. However, it can also come with a lot of risks. Therefore, it’s important to know what good mechanic safety looks like. That way, you can keep safe while doing your job… How-to Practice Good Mechanic Safety: Useful Steps Personal protection A lot of good mechanic safety comes

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Auto Safety Features: New Advancements

Over the last few years, car manufacturers have been coming out with many new auto safety features. Today’s cars are becoming safer due to advances in technology. These new features will help keep you safer during your drive. Auto Safety Features: What Are They? Adaptive Cruise Control One of the newer auto safety features is

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