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Back to Basics: Defensive Driving

Everybody learns about defensive driving when they're first getting their drivers' license. But how much do you actually remember about it? Defensive driving is the basis of safe travel so it's important to refresh your understanding of it every now and then. The key techniques are to stay alert on the road and stay focused.

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Running Yellow Lights: What You Need to Know

A common joke with Southerners about running yellow lights is that "yellow means GO FASTER!" Actually, a yellow light means "yield." And running yellow lights can be quite dangerous. In most cases, the general rule of thumb should be that if you can safely stop, you should. This is the response that leaves the smallest

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What to Do if You Witness a Car Crash

Seeing a collision on the road can be very frightening. However, if you witness a car crash near you, try to remain calm. Staying cool and collected will mean that you can be of more assistance. First, ensure your own safety. Next, alert the authorities. Try and help if it's needed and if you feel

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How-to Safely Drive Through the Mountains

The mountains can make for a scenic drive. However, mountain roads can be curvy, narrow and steep. You can go from a sharp incline to a decline within moments. On these roads, you can also face some extremes in elements. From snow to fog, wind to rain, you will need to be prepared for anything.

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How-to Avoid Pothole Damage to Your Vehicle

Potholes may seem like they come out of no where, but they can sure do a lot of damage to your car. These hazards often form due to freezing and thawing cycles from a harsh winter. Water can build up under the road, and then either freeze or wash out the ground underneath. This causes

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