Carpool Line Safety for a New School Year

Carpool line safety is important for the beginning of a new school year. It’s also important to remind yourself of these tips even as the school year progresses. It’s easy to have mishaps in the carpool lane because everybody is rushing and a lot is going on at once. However, your child’s safety is the

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Leaving Your Car at the Airport When Traveling

Leaving your car at the airport when traveling can be a convenient way to get to and from your flight without having to arrange a ride with somebody. It's best to know before you head to the airport what the parking situation will be like. You always want to pick a covered spot if possible.

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How to Choose the Best Vehicle for Your Family

If you're in the market for a new car, your might be overwhelmed with all of the options. When you are trying to choose the best vehicle for your family, there are many things to consider. You'll want to do research on various safety features of all the options available to you. In addition, you'll

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Emergency Kit for Cars: The Essentials

Every car on the road should have an emergency kit inside. This is very important to keep you safe in any sort of emergency situation. You should have general car supplies like a spare tire and jack kit. In addition, you'll want jumper cables and an emergency signal of some sort. You should also have

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Passing a Stopped School Bus: Know the Rules

Passing a stopped school bus illegally while driving can result in 4 or 5 points on your license, as well as various fines. It's also incredibly dangerous because there might be children crossing the road. Every year, children are killed when cars fail to stop even though school buses have flashing lights and stop signs

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Battery Drain: Common Causes

Your car’s battery is important for ensuring it operates properly, especially if you have an electric car. As such, it’s important to try and avoid battery drain. Knowing what tends to cause these batteries to drain the most can help you get the most out of them… Battery Drain: Possible Factors Car lights Should you

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What to Do if You Witness a Car Crash

Seeing a collision on the road can be very frightening. However, if you witness a car crash near you, try to remain calm. Staying cool and collected will mean that you can be of more assistance. First, ensure your own safety. Next, alert the authorities. Try and help if it's needed and if you feel

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How-to Shop for Car Insurance

Insurance is something we all need but hope we never have to use. Nowadays, you can insure just about everything. From common things like cars, boats and homes all the way to celebrities insuring parts of themselves. J.Lo, anyone? Car insurance can be especially challenging to figure out. You may think car insurance is pretty

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How-to Avoid Pothole Damage to Your Vehicle

Potholes may seem like they come out of no where, but they can sure do a lot of damage to your car. These hazards often form due to freezing and thawing cycles from a harsh winter. Water can build up under the road, and then either freeze or wash out the ground underneath. This causes

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How-to Fix Windshield Wiper Problems

Your windshield wipers are an important piece of your car that helps you drive in the rain. However, there may be times where they don’t work as they should. Therefore, it’s helpful to know how you can fix some common windshield wiper problems. That way, you won’t have to worry about your visibility when in

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