While there’s a lot of new car tech out there, the parking brake has remained pretty consistent and important. However, what if you try to disengage it and find that it won’t budge? A stuck parking brake can occur for a number of reasons. Therefore, it’s important to know what may be causing your issues…

How-to Fix a Stuck Parking Brake: Possible Problems

Cold weather

It could be that your stuck parking brake is due to the weather. In the winter months, ice can cause a lot of issues for your car, including for your brakes. In fact, this ice could even freeze your parking brake in place, making it hard for you to disengage it.

To fix this, it’s good to turn your car on and then start revving the engine. This will help heat your car up and melt away and ice. From there, you can try and see if the brake will move. If not, you can also check your car’s manual to see which wheel the brake is attached to. This can let you apply some direct heat with something like a hairdryer to hopefully better melt any ice.

Rust and corrosion

You can also experience a stuck parking brake if there’s a lot of rust and corrosion. Like with any car part, your brake can begin to rust and wear out over time. Once this happens, the brake’s cable can get stuck. While rust can be tough to deal with, there’s a couple things you can try to do.

First, simply try and work the brake a bit. Try to apply and release it several times, as this can help knock the rust off and get it moving. You can also try shifting back and forth from drive to reverse to do the same. If you have the knowledge, it may be good to inspect under your car and check if it’s rust that’s causing your problems.

Engagement issues

Sometimes, a stuck parking brake can be because of how you used it. It may be that you left the brake on for too long, causing it to get stuck in place. Or, you may have used too much force when you were applying it. Doing so can cause the brake to get jammed in place.

Should the brake have been left on for too long, try using the same methods as if it were frozen by the cold. In the future, remember that you should only leave the brake on overnight at most. However, if the brake has become stuck due to too much force, you may need a professional to help you fix it.