If you’re considering a career in trucking, you may be curious about your different options. Deciding between long-haul vs short-haul trucking depends a lot on your lifestyle. Long-haul truckers can be gone for weeks at a time. Short-haul truckers travel shorter distances but can make several trips in a day. Compare the two options and decide which is right for you!

Long-Haul vs. Short-Haul Trucking: Which is Right for You

Long-Haul Trucking

When considering long-haul trucking vs short-haul trucking, you need to consider all the options. Long-haul trucking is also called OTR or Over the Road trucking. OTR drivers typically drive large tractor-trailers rigs. Because of this, their cabs are spacious and you might be able to nap in your truck. However, it can be difficult to operate such large vehicles. You will travel for weeks doing long-hauls, so consider this when it comes to time away from your family. If you drive a long-haul truck, most of your time will be spent on the road. Deliveries are a part of the job, but take up less time than the transport. You’ll have outside expenses of traveling like food and occasional hotels. Finally, average pay is slightly higher for long-haul truckers.

Short-Haul Trucking

If you’re considering options of long-haul trucking vs short-haul trucking, consider the day to day job. Short-haul truckers can take several trips in a day. Therefore, they’re more active than OTR truckers. They mostly stay within a smaller region of travel. You should be able to maintain somewhat normal business hours and be home each night. Short-haul trucking also uses smaller, easier to handle trucks. You might be more comfortable driving them around busy streets. You should expect to handle coordinating deliveries several times a day.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there are plenty of pros and cons when considering long-haul trucking vs short-haul trucking. If you prefer more standard hours and want to stay local, short-haul might be a good fit. If you’d prefer to have more freedom and get to travel all over America, long-haul might be your dream job. Finally, consider the payment and various job training commitments. Mental well-being can be tricky with long-haul trucking because you spend so much time alone on the road and not being able to move around too much.

Deciding on long-haul trucking vs short-term trucking is a big career decision. Carefully weigh your options. Also, research training in your area and find out what up-front costs and time commitments you’re looking at. Each type of trucking offers unique benefits. At the same time, they both have significant drawbacks as well. Consider each option and decide which of the types of trucking is the best fit for you and for your family.