Whether you are on the road for work or for pleasure, you will want to still keep in touch with your loved ones at home. Luckily, now more than ever, there are plenty of ways to stay connected with family on the road. Technology is constantly changing and better ways to communicate and stay in touch are always coming out. However, technology can also cause distractions, so make sure to be safe and smart with when and how you communicate with those at home.

How-to: Stay Connected with Family on the Road: Communication While Traveling

In the Car

You may want to talk to your loved ones while you are driving long distances. Phones are a great way to stay connected with family on the road. However, keep in mind that using a phone while driving can be a dangerous distraction. If you feel you must do so, make sure you have a hands-free setup. Many states require drivers to talk on the phone with a hands-free systems now. Most new cars come with Bluetooth capabilities so that you are able to talk on the phone without having to hold your phone. If your car does not have this, you can purchase aftermarket Bluetooth systems. Another option is to wait until you have safely parked before making a phone call. This will eliminate any potential distractions while you are behind the wheel.

Texting while driving can be deadly. Do not text while you are behind the wheel. Just like with calls, many cars offer wireless capabilities where you can listen to and respond to text messages completely hands-free. Systems like Apple CarPlay help your phone to integrate seamlessly into your vehicle. If your car is unable to do this, try to use an alternative like having Siri dictate a message for you. While you may have to interact with your phone a little bit, it will require much less interaction than texting directly through your phone.

At Your Destination

Video chats help you to feel closer while you stay connected with family on the road. While it is not the same as talking in-person, a video call helps a little bit. Platforms like FaceTime or Zoom are great options. You can even add multiple people to the call so that the whole family can get together. However, save these for when you are at your destination. Hotels often offer free wifi, which will help if you have bad service or limited amounts of data. Whatever you do, do not do a video chat while you are driving, as this is very dangerous. Save these for when you get to where you are going.