There are many things on the road that can be extremely frustrating, but road rage can be dangerous. It can even cause a fatal accident. If you find yourself getting angry behind the wheel, it’s important to recognize that and find ways to calm down. You don’t want to react in the heat of the moment and do something that you’ll regret. Set yourself up for success by giving yourself plenty of time to travel. Listen to calming music in the car. If something angers you, try counting to ten to calm down. And finally, seek help if you feel like these measures aren’t working. Road rage is an important thing to be aware of, and something you need to learn to control to be a safe driver.

Road Rage: How to Control Yourself in the Heat of the Moment

Set Yourself Up for Success

Many instances of road rage are made much worse if drivers are in a rush. The stress of running late and trying to get someplace quickly can lead to even slight hiccups turning into rage-inducing incidents. If you find yourself more stressed when you’re rushing, plan ahead of time. Give yourself more than enough time to get to your destination.

Listen to Calming Music

Another way to avoid road rage is to listen to calming music. If something happens that triggers you, immediately turn your radio to something soothing. Many find that classical music puts them into a state of calmness. Try to focus on the music and not your anger. Some also find that having a calming scent in the car like lilac or vanilla can make them feel calm. You can easily find scent sticks to smell if you need a quick second to breathe in some calm.

Count to Ten

Classical calm-down techniques can help with road rage. One common way to get people to calm down is to have them count to ten while breathing deeply. This forces you to focus on your breathing and counting and will often allow the anger to pass. In addition, you can try repeating a mantra over and over when you’re feeling stressed. You can also try deep breathing calming exercises like 4-7-8 breathing. Inhale for 4 counts, hold your breath for 7, then exhale slowly for 8 counts. Anything that forces your mind off of your anger will help you calm down.

Get Help

Finally, if you’ve tried all these techniques for calming your road rage and they don’t seem to be helping, seek professional help. A therapist or anger management program might be incredibly helpful for you. They’ll give you tips and advice on calming yourself down at the moment and avoiding your triggers. You might also consider taking a course in defensive driving. Don’t let your road rage get the best of you. Road rage can be incredibly dangerous for yourself and others on the road. Each year it leads to many accidents and even some deaths. If you find yourself having road rage, try to plan your trip with plenty of extra travel time. Rushing often can increase road rage, so not being in a hurry might help you stay calm. Listen to music that makes you feel calmer when you’re in the car. In addition, try calming techniques like counting, deep breathing, or inhaling a calming scent. And finally, if you find that you can’t end your road rage alone, get professional help. A therapist will be able to help you work through your rage and give you tips on calming down. Hopefully, you can get your road rage under control and be a much safer driver on the road.