Traveling with pets can make a vacation much more fun. However, if you plan to drive a long way, it’s important to know proper safety tips for traveling with pets in the car. Use the correct restraints to make sure that they aren’t able to roam around the car while you drive. Bring a travel kit with supplies for them. Plan to make frequent pit stops so that they can stretch their legs and use the bathroom. And finally, always be careful when leaving them unattended in a car. Hopefully, using these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe and fun trip with your best buddy!

Traveling with Pets in Your Car: Keep Fido Contained

Use Proper Equipment

When traveling with pets, make sure that they’re always secured and in the back of the vehicle. If they’re able to roam around they can be a huge distraction for the driver. If you were to get into a collision, they could get seriously injured if they aren’t secured properly. They can also become a hazard to other people in the vehicle. Pets should be in a carrier, and the carrier should be buckled with a seat belt. If you do not have a carrier, you can buy a pet harness that secures them into a seat belt. Pets should always travel in the back of the car as the airbags upfront could cause serious injury.

Bring Travel Kit for Pet

Always bring the essentials when traveling with pets. Make sure you have plenty of food and water on hand, as well as bowls for them to eat and drink out of. Bring a leash if you plan to let them roam free at all. It’s also good to bring a small travel pet emergency medical kit. Don’t forget any medication that they’re on.

Make Pit Stops

Plan to make plenty of pit stops when traveling with pets. Just like humans, animals need to stretch their legs from time to time. Especially since they’re in a smaller carrier than they’re probably used to. They’ll also need to use the bathroom frequently and get some fresh air. Plan to make stops every hour and a half or so to let them get a little exercise and fresh air.

Never Leave them Unattended Long

Finally, the most important thing to remember when traveling with pets is to never leave them unattended in the car for long. Always leave a window cracked and easy access to water. If your car has a remote start you can keep the air conditioning running for them. Remember that a car’s interior heats up incredibly fast even when the air outside is comfortable. It’s best to always be in eyesight if you need to leave them in the car, and never leave them long.

Traveling with pets can be a great way to include your favorite buddy on a family vacation. But just remember that you must plan ahead in order to make sure that they’re comfortable and safe in the car. Have the proper equipment on hand to restrain them in the back of the vehicle. Bring anything that they might need on the journey, and plan to make plenty of pit stops for them. Finally, never leave them in a car unattended for long, and never on a hot or even warm day. Hopefully, you’ll be able to keep your pet comfortable and happy so they can enjoy the trip with you!