Emergency Kit for Cars: The Essentials

Every car on the road should have an emergency kit inside. This is very important to keep you safe in any sort of emergency situation. You should have general car supplies like a spare tire and jack kit. In addition, you'll want jumper cables and an emergency signal of some sort. You should also have

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Passing a Stopped School Bus: Know the Rules

Passing a stopped school bus illegally while driving can result in 4 or 5 points on your license, as well as various fines. It's also incredibly dangerous because there might be children crossing the road. Every year, children are killed when cars fail to stop even though school buses have flashing lights and stop signs

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Confidence on the Road After an Accident

If you've been in an accident on the road, it might be difficult to begin driving again without feeling stressed. Whether the accident was your fault or not, it can still be traumatizing. Finding your confidence on the road after an accident is important for safe driving. Driving timidly because you're afraid can actually make

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Traveling with Pets in Your Car

Traveling with pets can make a vacation much more fun. However, if you plan to drive a long way, it's important to know proper safety tips for traveling with pets in the car. Use the correct restraints to make sure that they aren't able to roam around the car while you drive. Bring a travel

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Battery Drain: Common Causes

Your car’s battery is important for ensuring it operates properly, especially if you have an electric car. As such, it’s important to try and avoid battery drain. Knowing what tends to cause these batteries to drain the most can help you get the most out of them… Battery Drain: Possible Factors Car lights Should you

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How-to: Share the Road with Semi-Trucks

All across America, thousands of semi-trucks are on the road every day. In fact, the number of semi-trucks and semi-trailers in this country are in the millions. It is incredibly common for you to come into contact with them when you hit the roads. Semi tricks are both large and heavy. While their size allows

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Back to Basics: Defensive Driving

Everybody learns about defensive driving when they're first getting their drivers' license. But how much do you actually remember about it? Defensive driving is the basis of safe travel so it's important to refresh your understanding of it every now and then. The key techniques are to stay alert on the road and stay focused.

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Safety Tips for Riding on Electric Scooters

Many cities around the world have seen an increase in the use of shared electric scooters. It's a great way to get around for people that don't own a car, or who are environmentally friendly. However, it's important to remember that you are still traveling quickly when on an electric scooter. Therefore, accidents can happen.

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