Prolonged standing is quite common for many workers across several different jobs. Still, it can also come with its share of issues. Therefore, it’s helpful to know ways you can reduce the strain this standing places on your body…

Prolonged Standing: Potential Problems

Issues with standing

At its core, standing is a very natural human posture. However, prolonged standing while working can be bad for a person’s health. For starters, constantly standing requires a lot of muscle power. This puts a lot of strain on a person’s legs, feet, neck, and back. Usually, this strain quickly turns into constant pain.

Also, this standing can lead to permanent damage. As blood begins to pool in the legs and feet, it can cause them to swell and develop varicose veins. The joints in the hips, knees, spine, and feet can also temporarily “lock up”, which could cause severe rheumatic diseases in the future.

Comfortable footwear

One of the best things to help with prolonged standing is comfortable shoes. Ideally, you’ll want to get shoes which match the shape of your foot, and come with enough room to move your toes in. Shoes which are too narrow or tight can make the problems caused by standing to become worse.

It’s also good to wear shoes with some kind of cushioning in them. This can help reduce the stress placed on them, and reduce your fatigue. If you have to wear a specific type of shoe for work. then you may want to look into some kind of insert. That way, you improve your comfort without violating the dress code.

Take breaks when possible

Breaks are also useful for reducing the strain caused by prolonged standing. Giving your body a chance to rest can help prevent those negative effects from occurring. Plus, they can also help you do your job more efficiently than if you were unable to rest.

For example, say your work involved a lot of moving objects around. Standing for too long will reduce your strength and balance, making it more likely for you to drop something. However, taking some time to sit down can let you recharge and not run into any issues when you get back to work.