Workplace accidents are, unfortunately, all too common. They can range from minor to severe, but luckily can mostly be avoided. Lifting accidents are very common no matter what type of work environment you’re in. Parking lot accidents are also one of the main sources of injuries in the workplace. In addition, carpal tunnel and other repetitive motion injuries can happen easily. And finally, accidents can happen whenever you’re dealing with heavy equipment. By having proper training, being mindful of others around you, and communicating clearly you should be able to avoid the most common workplace accidents.

How to Avoid Common Workplace Accidents: Be Aware and Be Safe

Lifting Accidents

One of the most common workplace accidents is a strain from lifting heavy objects. This can happen in basically any setting and can cause all sorts of injuries. You can suffer from minor things like a pulled muscle in your back or neck. Or you can end up causing more damage to your back and neck by slipping a disk or pinching a nerve. Plant your feet wide apart near the object. Visualize the lift and your path to move the object, and make sure all doors are open and there are no obstacles. Bend with your knees while keeping your back straight, then lift with your legs. Keep the object close to your body while you carry it and then set it down again with a straight back and by bending your legs. Remember to lift with your legs and not your back.

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lot accidents are also very common workplace accidents. People tend to be less focused while driving in parking lots. They might be driving distractedly while looking for a parking space. In addition, drivers often don’t pay as close attention as they should when backing up in parking lots. To avoid collisions, always back up slowly while looking behind your car in both directions. You should always drive slowly in parking lots. And as a pedestrian, always stay focused and don’t let yourself walk while distracted by your phone.

Carpel Tunnel

Carpal tunnel is what’s known as a repetitive injury motion, and these are very common workplace injuries. They happen when your body repeats the same motions day in and day out. Carpal tunnel is actually a nerve injury. The best way to avoid these types of injuries is to make sure that your equipment is ergonomic. This means that it’s the most comfortable for your body. Things like your keyboard, assembly line chair, office desk, etc can all be adjusted slightly to make them more comfortable for you. You also need to take breaks throughout the day and stretch your muscles.

Heavy Equipment

Of course, a common culprit for serious injuries is heavy equipment. Workplace accidents involving heavy equipment can happen in factories, construction sites, as well as common office buildings. The most important way to avoid heavy equipment injuries is to properly train employees from the start. They need to learn both how to operate the equipment if that’s their job, but also how to be aware of the equipment if they’ll be working near it. Communication is key. Before anybody uses heavy machinery, they should make sure that there isn’t anybody in the vicinity who could be hurt. Workplace accidents are very common, but luckily, many can be avoided easily. Lifting injuries happen very often but can be prevented by lifting safely with your legs and not your back. You can avoid common parking lot accidents by always being aware of your surroundings in parking lots both as a driver and pedestrian. Repetitive motion injuries are easy to avoid with small breaks and minor adjustments to your positioning. And finally, heavy equipment should only be used by people with proper training and when the coast is clear. Hopefully, by following some of these tips, you and your employees can avoid common workplace injuries and accidents.