Boating accidents are, unfortunately, all too common during the hot summer months. New drivers head out on the open water without realizing how dangerous it can be. It’s important to follow proper boat safely because boating accidents can lead to serious injuries or even death. Never drink while operating a boat. Pay attention to speed limits and markers in the water. Check the weather and conditions before leaving. And finally, never ride with an inexperienced driver. There is a lot to know about driving a boat safely, so make sure that you have somebody with plenty of experience at the wheel to keep you safe.

How to Avoid Common Boating Accidents: Enjoy a Safe Summer

Stay Sober

One way to avoid common boating accidents is to never operate a boat while drinking. Not only is it illegal, but it is incredibly dangerous. You can get a boating under the influence ticket or BUI just as easily as you could get a DWI in a car. If you get caught drinking while driving a boat you could lose your boating license, be charged, pay fines, or even serve time. Assign a DD if you plan to be drinking on a boat just as you would in a bar.

Watch Speed Limits

Another important thing to help avoid boating accidents is to pay attention to your speed. Often, boats wind up getting into accidents because they are driving too quickly. There are speed limits posted in the water for a reason. Sometimes there are dangers in the water that you can’t see from the perspective of the boat, so always follow posted signs. There can also be markings in the water like buoys that can help you determine the safest place to drive.

Check the Weather

Before setting out on any boating trip, you always want to check the weather. Anybody could tell you that boating accidents occur more often in stormy conditions. However, even just especially windy days can be a danger to a smaller boat. Fog can also be dangerous to drive a boat in. Check the weather forecast for the entire time you think you’ll be out on the water, and give yourself an extra hour or two of cushion just in case. If the weather unexpectedly seems to look dangerous, drive back to shore immediately.

Avoid Inexperienced Drivers

Finally, one other way to avoid boating accidents is to always ride with an experienced driver. Many people assume that driving a boat is simple and that anybody can do it. However, there is a lot to know about how to handle a boat, especially if you’re on choppy water. Inexperienced drivers might not be paying as close attention or might not know what types of warning signs to look out for. Make sure that your driver has been on the water plenty of times and is paying close attention the whole time they’re operating the boat. Boating accidents can be very dangerous. Because you’re already on the water, any type of injury can quickly become deadly if anybody is in danger of drowning. Never drink while operating a boat. In addition, always pay close attention to speed limits. Check the weather forecast for the entire time that you plan on being on the water. And finally, only ride with experienced drivers who know the dangers of being on the water and know how to properly handle a boat. Hopefully, you’ll be able to have a great time out on the water this summer!