Work zones have many hazards that can increase the risk of accidents. From cones, lane changes and moving equipment, it can be tricky to drive in work zone. Due to workers being present in these areas, an accident in a work zone can be very dangerous. Therefore, it is really important to know how to safely get through these areas.

How-to Safely Drive in a Work Zone: Avoiding Accidents


First, to know how to safely drive in a work zone, it is important to know what hazards you may face. Sometimes in work zones, there are lane changes, poorly marked lines, and closed lanes. Additionally, there could be cones or barriers that could get close to the lines, or even get knocked over into a lane. Construction equipment may come out of nowhere and cross the road at any moment. Pedestrians working in the area could be standing there with road signs to tell vehicles to stop or proceed with caution.

Another hazard you may encounter in a work zone is uneven pavement. This can lead to a bumpy ride. Beware of nails or sharp objects in the road as they can cause flat tires.

Driving Tips

When you start to drive in a work zone, make sure to reduce your speed. With the hazards there, plus the proximity to workers, it is best to drive slowly for your safety and the safety of others. Pay attention and obey traffic signs. This includes speed limit signs, merge warnings, and lane closure warnings. When approaching lane closure areas, move into the open lane as soon as possible. Be sure to pay close attention to vehicles around you that could be in your blind spot.

Keep your distance from other cars. Do not tail the car ahead of you too closely. As things can be dynamic in a work zone, the car in front of you could stop abruptly with little to no warning. Always pay attention to your surroundings and avoid unnecessarary distractions. For example, do not talk on the phone, text, eat or mess with the GPS or radio. These distractions could cause you to get into an accident and injure yourself or someone else.

You will certainly come across work zones when you are driving. They are working to make roads safer and better. However, in the meantime, look out for hazards and safely drive in a work zone.