Driving with a screaming baby in the backseat is something every parent experiences. But if you have a baby that doesn’t like to ride, it might be an everyday occurrence for you for many months. Unfortunately, if your baby is young, there isn’t a ton you can do. But you can set yourself up for success as much as possible. You can also practice calming techniques while driving. If you feel like you are going crazy or just can’t handle it much longer, pull over and take a breather. And finally, if you are able to, and if the baby is safe, ignore it. Unfortunately, some babies just don’t like riding in the car, but you probably still need to get places. If the baby is safe, it’s ok to let them cry. Hopefully, they’ll grow out of this phase quickly and car rides will become more manageable soon.

Driving with a Screaming Baby in the Backseat: Handing it Safely

Set Yourself Up for Success

Driving with a screaming baby is simply a reality for some parents. Some babies just hate the sensation of the moving car or the discomfort of a car seat. But there are still ways to set yourself up for more success. Make sure your baby is full and dry before getting in the car. Keep the temperature in a comfortable setting for them. Consider shades on your window to prevent sunlight from getting into their eyes. And you can spice up the area with child-safe toys or things to look at. Consider putting a mirror above them so you can keep an eye on them and so they can see you.

Calming Techniques

Sometimes, driving with a screaming baby can make you want to scream too. If you feel yourself getting stressed out, try to practice some calming techniques. Put on music that helps you feel calm like classical music. You can keep a roller of essential oils that smell like lavender or vanilla nearby to help you calm down if needed. And you can also practice deep breathing techniques to focus your mind on calming. Try to take deep breaths, counting on your inhale, holding for a few counts, and slowly exhaling.

Pull Over

If you feel like driving with a screaming baby is making you so stressed that your driving is getting affected, it’s time to pull over. It’s perfectly fine to get out of your car, close the door, and take a few seconds to breathe deeply away from the noise. As long as your baby is comfortable and safe you can take a minute to calm yourself down away from the screaming. If you’re on a long car ride, taking a short break where you and your baby can both get out of the car for a few minutes is a good idea.

Ignore It

Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about driving with a screaming baby except ignore it. If your baby is fed, dry, and at a comfortable temperature, sometimes you just have to drive. Screaming is not going to cause your baby any lasting harm, and you have places you need to be. The more you expose them to the car, hopefully, the better you’ll do. Once your baby is older they can play with toys or eat safe snacks in the car, but while they’re little, there’s just not much to be done. Sometimes you just have to drive and try to ignore the crying as best you can. Driving with a screaming baby is never fun, but unfortunately, it’s simply part of being a parent. Some children do great in the car, and others hate the car seat until they are several years old. Try to set yourself up for as much success as possible by providing a comfortable atmosphere and making sure they’re well-fed. If they’re older, bring along toys and snacks for car rides. Practice mindful breathing or other techniques for calming down. If you feel overwhelmed, get out and take a breather for a second. And finally, if your baby is fed, dry, and comfortable, sometimes you just have to ignore them. You can’t let a screaming baby deter you from driving anywhere or keeping appointments. Hopefully, this is just a phase that they will grow out of shortly. Keep in mind the old parenting mantra: “this too shall pass.”