While the current COVID-19 pandemic has left many people working or staying at home, some essential businesses have remained open. For these workers, wearing face masks is key for helping prevent the disease from spreading. Therefore, it’s important to know how to wear them properly and why they matter…

Face Masks: Why They’re Important

Importance of masks

Face masks are very important for slowing the spread of illness. The CDC has found that many people who have the coronavirus don’t show symptoms, meaning they’re “asymptomatic”. However, while they may not feel sick, they can still spread the disease to other people without realizing it.

Wearing a mask helps with preventing someone who could potentially be sick from spreading the disease. It’ll also discourage people from touching their faces, which is another common way people get sick. If more people wear masks, especially those who work together, then their chances of getting sick are reduced.

Mask types

There’s 3 main types of face masks out there. The first, and ones people are most familiar with, are surgical masks. These three-layered masks are handy for filtering out large particles from the air and providing a tight seal against the face. N-95 masks work the same, except they’re better at filtering small particles.

Still, the CDC recommends that we reserve for health care workers and first responders. For other people and workers, simple cloth masks will do the job. Plus, people can was and re-use these masks, unlike the other variants. Plus, the CDC has guides on how to make your own cloth mask.

Proper wearing techniques

When wearing face masks, it’s important to make sure they’re secured properly and fit snugly on the face. You should also be able to wear them without any issues breathing. Some masks you can “pinch” around the nose to help tighten the seal.

You should also avoid touching the interior of the mask, especially while wearing it. Be sure to wear other important gear like gloves as well, in order to provide as much protection as possible. When it’s time to take the mask off, only touch the ties or loops and wash it as soon as possible.