Every workplace has inherent hazards. From a construction site, to a hospital, office buildings, and the kitchen… there are always certain dangers to watch for. Kitchen hazards, in particular, are our focus for the day. You might not think of a restaurant as a dangerous place to work, but as we mentioned, every workplace has unique issues that can arise. So, how do you prevent kitchen hazards from becoming injuries? We’re here to answer just that!

Kitchen Hazards: Being Aware and Avoiding Injury 

Wet Floors

One of the most common kitchen hazards employees may face are slippery floors. In the hustle and bustle of a restaurant kitchen, it’s easy to spill a drink, dish, or ingredients, such as oil and water. Before someone can clean it up, those slippery floors can be a serious hazard. So, it’s important for employees to watch out for spills and other wet spots.

Equipment Injuries

Working in a kitchen requires you to be around dangerous equipment such as knives and heavy pots and pans. These kitchen hazards can lead to deep cuts that may force you to get stitches or staples. Dealing with heavy pans and other item can also cause sprains, torn ligaments, and broken fingers. So, in order to avoid these types of kitchen hazards you want to use caution.

Before you begin using this equipment, be sure to clear the space around you. In many cases, industrial kitchens are busy, crowded spaces. With just one bump, someone can cause you to have a serious accident. So, be sure to clear off a work space that’s just for you.

Burn Risks

Along with these other kitchen hazards, burn risk are a major concern as well. Working in the kitchen presents many opportunities for burn injuries. From hot grease to boiling water and pots and pans right out of the oven. In some cases, these burn injuries can become severe and require serious medical treatment. Furthermore, it’s hard for us to assess how serious a burn is. At the time, you may just know it hurts or is beginning to blister but you may not know how much damage there is.