Leaving your car at the airport when traveling can be a convenient way to get to and from your flight without having to arrange a ride with somebody. It’s best to know before you head to the airport what the parking situation will be like. You always want to pick a covered spot if possible. When you leave your car, check it for valuables and make sure that it’s locked. And finally, don’t ever leave food and drinks in your car as they can spoil or rot while you’re out of town. Leaving your car at the airport can be expensive, but overall it can be more convenient than arranging a ride.

Leaving Your Car at the Airport When Traveling: Keep in Safe

Investigate Options Beforehand

Before leaving your car at the airport, investigate your options. There might be long-term and short-term parking. Or daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Each airport is different so it’s good to have some idea of what you’re looking for before you leave the house. In addition, there are often off-property options near airports that have shuttle services. These are usually cheaper than the short or long-term parking options at the airport, but involve a shuttle ride or long walk.

Find a Covered Spot

When leaving your car at the airport, it’s best to find a covered spot. If the parking is in a parking deck, don’t park on the top level. If all the parking is outside, then try to find a shaded spot or area with some tree coverage. This is especially important during the summer months when temps inside your car get very high. If there is no shade available, it’s a good idea to keep a sunshade in your car to put in the windshield. This will at least give your car some protection from the heat and direct sunlight.

Check for Valuables

It’s important to check your vehicle carefully when leaving your car at the airport. You don’t know how much security there will be, so somebody could try to break in. If there are valuables in plain view, the risk of that increases. You should remove anything expensive before your leave the car. But if you need to leave anything of value in the car, make sure that it isn’t visible from the outside. And of course, double-check that you’ve locked your car when you walk away.

Remove Food and Drinks

Finally, when leaving your car at the airport, don’t forget to remove any food or drinks. The heat of the summer can rot food quickly. You don’t want to come home from a long plane trip to a stinky car. Drink cups from fast-food restaurants should also be thrown away. Otherwise, the bottoms can rot out under the liquid and leave your cup holders filled with sticky soda. Leaving your car at the airport can be convenient if you’re traveling and don’t want to arrange a ride. Especially when you have car seats or tons of luggage to deal with. Plan out where you’ll park in advance: investigate parking options at the airport. Try to find a covered spot if possible to protect your car from the sun. Always check that you’ve removed any valuables from your car before you leave, and double-check that it’s locked. And finally, don’t ever leave food or drinks in your car as they can rot while you’re gone and leave you with a smelly ride home after a long trip. Enjoy your trip knowing your car is safe at the airport and waiting for you when you get back home!