As new variants of Covid are found, it’s important to know how to keep yourself and your family safe. Omicron is the newest variant that is making headlines. It might likely arrive in the U.S. before too long. Therefore, know how to prepare for it and keep yourself safe. First of all, stay home if you are feeling sick. This goes for children as well. In addition, avoid large gatherings, especially indoors. Continue to wear face masks and practice safe habits like frequent hand-washing and getting your vaccination. And finally, try to socially distance wherever possible. Everybody needs to work together to keep each other safe during the holiday season as Covid continues to make waves.

New Variants of Covid: How to Stay Safe if Omicron Arrives

Stay Home if Sick

The most important thing to do to protect yourself from new variants of Covid is to stay home if you feel sick. This should be a no-brainer at any time, not just during a pandemic. Staying home when you are sick protects your co-workers and friends from also becoming sick. Make sure to follow this with your children as well. Keep them home from school if they are feeling ill.

Avoid Large Gatherings

Another thing you can do to protect yourself from new variants of Covid is avoiding large gatherings. Especially indoor gatherings. It seems that Covid is spread more easily indoors and especially when you are around more people. The chance of somebody unknowingly carrying Covid is much higher in a large group. If you need to have a large gathering, try to move it outdoors if possible.

Masks/Hand Washing/Vaccine

Masks and hand washing are also important to protect yourself from new variants of Covid. These are also effective against many winter-time illnesses. This includes flu, strep throat, and stomach bugs. When washing hands, make sure that you count to 20. And of course, the vaccine is very effective in minimizing your chance of spreading Covid and experiencing more serious complications. Everybody 5 years and older is now eligible for the vaccine.

Social Distance

Finally, one last way to protect yourself from new variants of Covid is to maintain social distancing measures. This is most important if you are in a public space with people that you are not familiar with. If you are wanting to have a more intimate group event, consider asking people to get a Covid test just before the event. Keeping yourself safe from new variants of Covid is incredibly important as we move forward. There will likely be more variants in the future. Keeping your family safe is important, especially if you have high-risk family members. Stay home if you feel sick so that you avoid spreading anything to co-workers and friends. Avoid large gatherings if possible, especially indoor ones. Continue safe habits like getting your vaccination, washing hands frequently, and wearing face-coverings. And finally, social distance whenever possible. Especially if you are in a public area where you don’t know the people near to you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your family from any new variants of Covid as well as other seasonal illnesses like flu and stomach bugs.