Stay safe this winter by preparing yourself for common cold-weather accidents. The extreme weather that some parts of the country face can make this time of year especially dangerous. One of the most common winter accidents is falling. Many people are unaware of just how dangerous icy conditions can be. Make your home as safe as possible by winterizing it against the cold and taking a few extra precautions. Travel more safely by making sure you have the correct tires for the weather, and by checking the weather ahead of your trip. And finally, stay healthy and avoid common winter ailments by practicing good hygiene. Hopefully, you can keep your family safe and healthy this winter season.

Stay Safe This Winter: Be Prepared

Avoid Falls

An important aspect of keeping yourself safe this winter is avoiding falls. When conditions are icy or snowy, it’s easy to lose your balance. Often, layers of ice are difficult to see and can surprise you. If conditions are freezing or hovering just above freezing, make sure you are wearing the correct footwear. You want to pick a shoe that is sturdy and has good tread. In addition, layer up with jackets, hats, and gloves to keep yourself from getting too cold.

Make Your Home Safe

Another part of keeping yourself and your family safe this winter is to make your home safe. Power outages are common in large snowstorms, so stock your house with essentials. You should have plenty of drinking water, food, candles, blankets, and an emergency radio. In addition, make sure that you follow directions when using things like indoor heaters or generators. They can be fire hazards but also carbon monoxide hazards. It’s a good idea to install carbon monoxide detectors to be extra safe.

Travel Safely

Keeping your family safe this winter also means traveling safely. Before you are planning on driving anywhere, especially long distances, check the weather. If conditions will be snowy or icy, consider traveling at a different time. If you must drive in tough conditions, make sure that your car has the proper equipment. You should have either winter tires or snow chains that you can attach to your tires to make them grip more easily. Drive slowly when conditions are icy or snowy.

Stay Healthy

Finally, keep your family healthy and safe this winter by following proper hygiene. Winter is a time when lots of sicknesses run rampant. Make sure that you are washing your hands frequently and after shaking hands or coughing. You should always wash them for at least 30 seconds, and make sure you use soap and warm water on all surfaces. In addition, try to maintain social distance from others. If you feel sick, stay home to avoid passing germs around. It’s important to stay safe this winter and to keep your family healthy. Winter can present a lot of different hazards, so prepare in advance before the weather gets too cold. When outside, make sure you are wearing proper clothing and shoes to avoid falls. In addition, winterize your house and make sure to be careful with fire hazards. Protect your car by making sure you have it serviced frequently, and keeping proper snow equipment in it. And finally, stay healthy and avoid winter sicknesses by practicing good hygiene like hand washing. Hopefully, you and your family can stay safe, healthy, and warm this winter season.