Parking lots can be a prime spot for auto accidents to happen. Even during this pandemic, parking lots are very busy. Many people are doing curbside take-out for restaurants or pick-up lanes for online order from stores. This increases the opportunity for busy, preoccupied drivers to cause an accident. Here are some key steps to help avoid parking lot accidents.

How-to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents: Common Accidents


Many cars are equipped with advanced technology that can assist with backing out of parking spaces. For example, backup cameras help drivers to see directly behind their vehicles. If your vehicle did not come standard with a backup cameras, there are many aftermarket options available. Additionally, cross-traffic alert systems can warn you of potential cross-traffic coming. This can be very helpful in a parking lot as the cars on either side of you can block your view. Utilizing this new technology can help you to avoid parking lot accidents.

Take it Slow

Parking lots are not a place for fast driving. With many cars going and coming in different directions, it is important for you to be a slow, cautious driver in a parking lot. Take extra care when turning or backing out of your parking spot. Parking lots are not only full of cars, they are also full of shopping carts and pedestrians. A gust of wind or a downward slope could send a shopping cart towards your car. Also, pedestrians could pop out of no where from in-between cars. Drive slowly and cautiously to avoid parking lot accidents.


Parking lot accidents can also happen when you are parking. Do not try and squeeze into a space that is too small for your vehicle to fit. You could end up curbing your wheels or sideswiping another car. Also, do not park too close to other cars. This will help you avoid hitting the car beside you with yours with your door. In the same way, it helps keep other cars from hitting your car with their door. Parking sensors and lines in backup cameras can help guide you into your spot. Parking lots have all of the right ingredients auto accidents. By following these guidelines, you will be better prepared to avoid parking lot accidents.