When snow or ice is in the forecast, business owners need to prepare parking lots for winter weather. Sidewalks and parking lots can become hazards for customers, employees, or anyone parking or walking through them. They can be very slippery can cause accidents or injuries.

How-to Prepare Parking Lots for Winter Weather: Accident Prevention

Know Who is Responsible

As a business owner, it is important that you know who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks and parking lot for your business. Find out if you are supposed to do this work or your landlord. This way, when it is time to prepare parking lots for winter weather, you already know who is responsible for doing this.

Hire a Contractor

Small businesses may choose to prepare parking lots at their business themselves. However, larger companies and chains may opt to hire a contractor for snow and ice removal. By hiring this out, it takes the stress and pressure off of business owners. This way, they do not have to worry about personally clearing snow and ice before opening their business. Do your research and also ask around to find a company with a good reputation.

Snow Removal Placement

Whether you are doing the work to prepare parking lots yourself, or you hire a contractor, you must figure out where to pile the excess snow. There may be rules that vary by county, so check on that first. You should not pile the snow in areas of foot traffic. This same rule also applies to areas where snow would melt and run the risk of refreezing into a sheet of ice. Make sure storm drains are free of obstruction so that snowmelt can drain into these drains.

Winter Supplies

Additionally, it is important to stock on up supplies to prepare parking lots and sidewalks for winter weather. Do so early, so that you are not scrambling last minute when everyone else is looking for supplies too. Things to stock up on include snowmelt and high-quality shovels. Signs that mark hazards or slippery areas will also be useful, as customers and employees can track snow or water into the building. You should also provide employees who are shoveling snow with reflective vests. This form of personal protective equipment will help keep them safe while doing their job.

With just a few small steps, business owners can prepare parking lots and sidewalks to keep customers and employees safe. Proper planning is key to make sure you are prepared when winter weather comes in.