Seeing a collision on the road can be very frightening. However, if you witness a car crash near you, try to remain calm. Staying cool and collected will mean that you can be of more assistance. First, ensure your own safety. Next, alert the authorities. Try and help if it’s needed and if you feel comfortable. And finally, you might need to stay to make a statement for the police. Giving a lending hand when you see a crash is a neighborly thing to do, but make sure that you aren’t adding to the chaos.

What to Do if You Witness a Car Crash on the Road: Stay Calm

Get to a Safe Place

The first step to take when you witness a car crash near you on the road is to make sure you are safe. If the wreck happens just ahead of you, try to avoid adding to the pile-up. You may need to pull off to the side of the road to do this. If you have plenty of time to react, pull over at a safe distance from the accident. This is because you want to make sure that your car is far away if there is any risk of fire or shattered glass. However, If the accident appears to have happened a while ago and there are already many people on the scene, you don’t want to add to the chaos. You can alert authorities to make sure they are en route, but then make sure and keep out of the way for emergency vehicles.

Call 911

When you witness a car crash on the road, never assume that somebody else has called 911. Every second can count if there are injuries, so even if you suspect somebody has already called, do it anyway. Even if the crash appears minor, you never know what sorts of injuries somebody could have. Call 911 immediately when you witness a collision and describe the location. Answer any questions the police have.

Try and Help if Needed

If you witness a car crash and you feel that you won’t be in the way, you can try to be of assistance. First, make sure that it is safe to approach the scene. Never attempt to move anybody that has been hurt. Unless there is a fire or extreme threat. This is because they could have internal injuries that might be made worse by movement. You can try to keep everybody calm on the scene. You can also help ensure that children or pets stay contained. Offer to call somebody if the drivers or passengers need to use a phone. Now is not the time to assign blame. Just be a calming presence until authorities take over.

Stay to Make a Statement if Needed

The police might need you to make a statement for them or the insurance companies. Therefore, if you witness a car crash, it’s best to stick around until police come to the scene. Provide any details they need and be honest in your answers. They might ask you for your contact information. In the weeks to come, you might need to provide more details.

If you witness a car crash and are early to the scene, pull over safely. Alert the authorities and never assume that somebody else has already called 911. If you feel comfortable, offer help but never move an injured person. Stick around to provide a statement to the authorities. You can be a huge help if you are able to remain calm after seeing a crash. Often, injuries are minor but everybody is very shaken up. If you can be a source of calm, you can improve the situation.