Driving a motorcycle can be incredibly fun and exhilarating. However, it can also be dangerous if you are new to it. Even seasoned riders need to be aware of common road hazards for motorcyclists. These can include natural hazards, structural hazards, or hazards caused by other drivers. Know how to avoid them and how to handle them when you find them on the road. This will keep you safer and help you have more fun on the road.

Common Road Hazards for Motorcyclists: Stay Safe on the Road

Natural Hazards

Common road hazards for motorcyclists can include weather dangers as well as animals. Driving in bad weather can be dangerous for any vehicle. For a motorcycle, though, it can be even trickier. Wet roads can cause your tires to skid or lose traction. Driving rain can make it much harder to see for other drivers. Ice and snow can also make your bike lose control. If the weather is bad, it’s really best just to stay home or use another vehicle is possible. Another natural hazard is animals. Animals like deer can cause even huge semi-trailers to wreck. But for a motorcycle, they can be deadly. Even smaller animals can cause you to swerve or lose control. If you are traveling at a time or area where animals might be in the road, drive slowly and keep a very watchful eye out.

Structural Hazards

There are plenty of common road hazards for motorcyclists that are caused by structural issues with roads. Uneven edge breaks between lanes occur when one lane is slightly higher than the ones next to it. If you need to cross one, slow down. Gravel or badly maintained roads can cause your motorcycle to lose traction and skid. You could even pop a tire. If you encounter either, you’ll want to slow down or find another route. Expansion joints are pieces of metal that connect roads that have eroded apart. They can be slippery for bikes when wet or icy, so again, go slowly. Finally, your tires can get caught when crossing railroad tracks, and the wood on them can be slippery when wet. Approach them from a perpendicular direction and travel over them slowly to avoid issues.

Hazards from Other Drivers

Finally, other drivers can cause common road hazards for motorcyclists. Big trucks can kick up rocks and make them fly into your windshield or even hit you. Try to avoid driving right next to large semi-trailers if possible. Trucks can also lose pieces of rubber off of their ties, or even have items fall off of them into the roadway. Avoid running over any loose pieces of rubber, and always try to safely avoid larger debris as well. Finally, as a motorcyclist, it can be difficult for other vehicles to see. If other drivers are distracted, this can be even more dangerous. Just be alert when you are driving in a car’s blindspot.

Common road hazards for motorcyclists include natural hazards like weather or animals. They also include structural issues like bad roads, gravel, expansion joints, uneven lane edges, and railway tracks. And finally, hazards can be created by the other drivers around you who can create debris or even collide with you. Try to always remain alert when on a motorcycle and be aware of your surroundings so you can arrive safely at your destination.