This year has been unusual, to say the least. The Covid-19 virus is at the top of everybody’s mind. However, flu and other winter illnesses are still around. So you need to know how to keep yourself safe during flu season. The number one thing to do is to get the flu vaccine! But there are other things you can do like handwashing, masking, and social distancing that will keep you healthy as well.

Keep Yourself Safe During Flu Season

Flu Vaccine

The best thing to do to keep yourself safe during flu season is to get the flu vaccine. Ask your doctor which of the flu vaccines is best for you and your family. The CDC recommends getting the flu shot by the end of October, if not earlier. This will ensure that you are already protected by the time flu season ramps up. Even if you still catch the flu, the vaccine should help reduce your symptoms. For more information about the flu vaccine, check out the CDC’s website.


Hand-washing is very important if you want to keep yourself safe during flu season. Always wash hands before eating and after using the bathroom. Also, try to limit the number of times you touch your face or mouth and wash after blowing your nose. Of course, you always need to wash your hands after you’ve shaken hands with another person or touched high-contact places. Teach your children to wash their hands frequently since they are more likely to touch more surfaces. The CDC recommends 20 seconds minimum time for hand-scrubbing. Sing yourself Happy Birthday! Hand-washing is best, but if that is not an option, use hand sanitizer.

Mask Up

One positive of the pandemic is that wearing face masks is the latest trend. Because flu and other winter illnesses are passed through coughing and sneezing, face masks can be very effective at stopping the spread. They protect you from catching flu from others. They can also prevent you from spreading illnesses if you are sick. All in all, they’re a great way to keep yourself safe during flu season. Just remember to make sure your mask is covering both your nose and mouth. Also, try not to touch it once you’ve put it on your face.

Social Distance

Social distancing is easier now than ever. And social distancing is one way to keep yourself safe during flu season. Many of us are now working from home, and public places are not as crowded as usual. Just remember not to get in close contact with anybody showing symptoms.

The Covid-19 pandemic precautions double as flu precautions in many cases. Following them can also keep you safe during flu season. So make sure that you wash your hands, mask up, and social distance. Also, don’t forget to ask your doctor for the flu vaccine each year.