A pull behind motorcycle trailer can be very useful if you are a  motorcyclist going on a longer trip or running certain errands. This will enable you to be able to bring more luggage with you than you would without the trailer. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of and consider if you are going to pull a trailer. It adds another element to you riding your motorcycle.

Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailer: Things to Know

Types of Trailers

There are actually many types of pull behind motorcycle trailers. For example, there are cargo, open (utility) trailers, camping trailers, and many more. Before you know which pull behind motorcycle trailer is best for you, you should know more about each one.

Cargo trailers are great for hauling luggage or gear around. An open, or utility trailer is an uncovered, single-axle, flatbed trailer. These are smaller versions of what you typically see being pulled behind a pickup truck or SUV. They are very versatile, as you can throw your items into a bag and secure them to the trailer. Lastly, there is a camping trailer. This actually comes in a clamshell and platform versions. Each of these options hold a mattress and possibly a tent for camping.The platform version holds more than the clamshell version.


When traveling with a pull behind motorcycle trailer, there are several rules to know to keep you safe. For example, you should not load the trailer with a total weight that is greater than half of the motorcycle’s weight. This keeps the trailer from not being balanced. If the trailer is not balanced, it could be dangerous and affect the handling of the bike. Pulling one of these trailers takes experience and practice. You should use caution and be smart in order to stay safe.


There are rules to follow when pulling a pull behind motorcycle trailer. The first is that the distance between the bike and trailer must not be more than 2.5 meters. Next, as mentioned before, the weight of the trailer should not be more than half of the total weight of the motorcycle. This is around 150 pounds. Also, you should drive at a consistent speed. This will help to prevent the trailer from wiggling. As with any trailer, you should check to make sure that the lights work. If they do not work, repair them before going on your trip.

Knowing these things will help keep you safer while using a pull behind motorcycle trailer. Select the type of trailer you need. Then, make sure to follow the rules. Whether this is your first motorcycle or your tenth, pulling something behind you will make for a different riding experience.