Truck driving isn’t an easy job. Over time, the work can take a bit of a toll on one’s body. This can result in many types of trucking pain. Therefore, it’s important to know how you can alleviate some common types of pain…

Trucking Pain: Alleviate Fatigue

Back pain

Back pains are one common kind of trucking pain. Generally, this pain comes from long hours sitting and driving. Poor driving posture will also result in back pains. This combination places a lot of strain on the muscles in the back, as well as the joints in the legs.

The best way to prevent this pain is by ensuring you take some time to exercise a bit. Whenever you can, be sure to get out and walk around a bit, getting in some good stretches as well. Furthermore, you can also get an ergonomic seat cover, and make sure to adjust your posture when needed.

Eye strain

Eye strain is also another common type of trucking pain. A trucker’s eyes are very important for their job. After all, they’ll be constantly scanning to road for long stretches at a time. Of course, a side-effect of this is that it’ll strain the eyes and make it harder to keep focused or see clearly.

Due to this, you’ll want to make use of a lot of eye relief. Sunglasses, for example, help reduce strain caused by the sun. It’s also handy to keep a bottle of eye drops on hand, if your eyes get dry. Try to also give them a break by looking at your mirrors regularly, so they aren’t fixed in one spot for too long.


Headaches are a kind of trucking pain you’re bound to experience. The thing is, there’s a lot of factors which contribute to headaches. There’s the stress of driving, having less sleep than usual, a more-unhealthy diet, etc. All of these can come together and really make you mentally exhausted.

While ibuprofen can help in the short-term, you’ll really want to make some long-term changes. That could include making sure you get the sleep you need each night. It could also mean making sure to eat healthier, and especially drinking plenty of water.